Wednesday, December 21, 2011

FED RSV Filled With Clowns

What follows is a 
close look G'd up 
with grass roots 
grown by 
the establishment 
Memorable broadcast 
A tertiary season 
Clown show on speed 
her mouth said
A real reality 
television hole 
in the wall 
It’s officially a 
reality television 
Culmination of a process 
Money supply that surfaced 
Away away 
The devil is dangerous 
A puppet running 
the show 
Camping downtown now 
ya hear me? 
Clowns are promoting 
the only break in the action 
Mind your business 
Calm down 
Polyamory of trading entities 
24 hrs a day, 7 days 
Another member of 
The Children 
Every manner of idiocy 
A former bank to 
take over these movements 
For months it has coiled 
Declined to give comment 
Wannabes are happy enough 
it says 
realizing there is no brain 
Claims are mostly criminals 
Slimy rhymes blowin' the lid 
Promoting the only tea
party worth being at 
Breaking bank and shop window 
Eyes and legs twisted 
cannot deal 
Our stolen rights 
ridiculous it did 
We're all singing 
I have the mouth

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