Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Is This Okay?

In this dream
I say something that matters
and we're off to a bumpy start
the scuffed shoes crush bugs
hauling that fuckin' toolset from tv--
the way they lie to ya?
and the pride, the way it hurts?
there oughta be a way

so, in this dream
I'm walking down the street
but it's not the normal street
and my nose is running
like a water fountain
you can't turn off
insistent trickle
and my shirt keeps getting wetter
so I walk a little faster
and I look down and
it's blood everywhere!

omg, omg
I keep saying, touching it?
oh. my. gawd.
but it's not loud enough to seem urgent
and my ears keep ringing louder
and my footsteps seem so quiet
and the others are so distant
not even an animal

and in this dream
I close my eyes quickly
and I run and run and run
until I think I hit my head 
instead of something going on
coming unclasped

but in this dream
werewolves are more real
than children eaten by their parents
living among witches and molesters
alcoholics and self-haters
the hidden and the shameful
the flamboyant and the scared

in this dream mummies are uneven
and vampires are so lonely
and umpires are so blind it's nearly unfair
the scuffed shoes show up again
if you're still reading, I guess I should go into it
but really, lets's be honest
this is neither here, nor there

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