Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Not So Impossible Soul (We Can Do Much More Together)

Cut patterns of sleep
printed on pillowcases on sheets
songs sung in that other voice
under the breath
the memory of singing
lift your tongue, let it fuzz
paper evidence sail
toward a shadow of ice
live in a cage-like life cave

Don't be discouraged, Pretzel Puss

Cut patterns made from sleep
the gelatinous sac of sleep
glowing content seeping
from soles of feet
unkempt handstands
vintage memories
festooned with faded foil
stars the chorus sings
Ride the wave
chase that electrical pace
don't be distracted
Play on, play on, play
the familiar way
the sun thinks?
Cut from dreams to other dreams
dolly left, zoom out

don't be distracted don't be didactic
don't be monastic don't be retracted

Sleep patterns don't repeat
nothing repeats it's all spirals
head cocks left then right
drawstring muscles pull
Quizzical it's called
Place the poor reader 
quick, give them water
How 'bout dappled
sunlight on hairy hillsides
handclaps robots breakdancing
princesses & fairy flying horses
monkeys that speak 21st century lexicon?
Take the time to get it right

Back in the dream bed
a long night in tandem
moths forming for future flight
fanned hands
too hot for stillness
kisses come out words
whisper in that other voice
talk only to yourself
sleeping dreaming
or dreaming

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