Sunday, October 14, 2012

con mi gran amiga Sandra y solo

Huarache sandals in the rain
might come back again
dog bowl filled with corn chips
they called the photo awesome
brown beer bottle sweats
almost always sweating
your backpack oozing salsa
un quesadilla suiza 
con pollo y avocado
hustling between places
smoking between storefronts
dropping truths in a barroom
black velvet witness 
artificial twilight
delivered dead and without passion
hot awkward friends
refuse eye contact
loyal to their graveyard
tombstone flavored earrings
and a tombstone for a bib
it doesn't matter if it's hating
perseverance is a muscle
I came to hear your reading
but the curtains were made of tinsel
and me and that old jukebox
could be mistaken for long lost brothers
climb down your crummy life 
accusations under red light
kicked out knees and face slaps
and all your dirty business

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