Saturday, October 13, 2012

This One's For Yesterday

There are so many things that you don't know about yet things that happened a long time ago, like twice or even more lifetimes ago when things were simply simpler different and unrelatable there were so many images that people carried in their minds back then songs whistled into the air around their heads shapes and ideas gestured about with their hands or fingers conducting invisible orchestras of lines and poking dots flourishes and chops pictures and sounds and shapes and rituals that they expended the energy took the time and sometimes spent the gold or silver got dressed up for or traded what was necessary to have the materials needed to recreate or transfer from whatever it is that individual dreams are composed of or made of or just made up of it is still an unknown to the point of lacking words to make it something easily described to one another to make it tangible and shareable in moments of intimate proximity closeness or candor vulnerability or trust to marble or canvas covered with gesso to sketchbooks and notebooks and CDs and MP3s or through our fingers and across the ivory the keys strings unfolding the geometry of time I meant to write all this down yesterday keeping my promise to myself to you lost in the uneven folds of memory of a past time shared a moment alone just the two of us a window a bridge crossing us you me in a common place a shared mindspace sharing a vision an image a composition a verdant path like they used to do a long time ago like longer than we can imagine combined before cameras and before car exhaust conversations before video cameras lived in your tiny electronic devices this year's model landlocked in the future of now ultimately tomorrow's yesterday and yesteryear old news lost to the lost dots and forgotten chops sluggish air visions pictures so rare and music so totally unknown and unfelt for which we have yet to make the words

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