Sunday, May 19, 2013

When I'm Not Drowning

As fast as a hand
slides through the air
past your eyes
as fast as that
it can dawn on you
cast a long line aft
dig deeper into the meaning 
of evenings spent 
like days inside 
that layer of comfort
blows in from sunlit outside
blinded windows gleam
Young Nick yowls, singing
Moon near and working
this is a kind of life 
I'm dreaming
making now, scheming
bending toward
a future 
sharp with light
and life given and 
gotten in good faith
a hand extended 
taken in fast
it happens like a trick 
except you mean it
and it really really happens
when you're busy thinking
or simply being 
yourself so hard 
it's hard to imagine
outside of doing it
all the time
so very fast
faster than 
a hand perhaps

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