Saturday, June 01, 2013


like a rain
of empty beer cans
pull tabs at attention
saluting tinily from the top of each can
an animal-like sound
found on the wet rim of your opened lips
having climbed from inside
your vocal cords still resonating
undulating stage curtain ropes
hanging in the dank dark
the insides really just a warm stew
of your boneless meats
Tetris'd into a moment 
of self-confrontation
"Leave In Silence" 
plays itself from another room
if I only knew the answer
or I thought we had a chance or
I could stop this, I would stop this
thing from spreading like a cancer
your departure mere days away and
what if you're meant like a rose on a hip
a kind of slip sliding down toward entrapment
the abutment of your suspension
disbelief in the sound of your breathing
the rhythm of your sleeping, dreaming
like a rain of empty beer cans
cascading waves of reality they call it
but is it? so crystalline and far away
we salute ourselves in mirrors 
in the reversed image from cameras 
living like spores on our phones
lens flare flashes alight like halos, areolas, coronas
we salute you for continuing to raise your head
your bless'ed head
to leave your bed and climb out of your malaise
into your car and on your way
ever closer toward your disgrace
we are all continually present 
in a chainlike series 
all systems closed
grab the feet of your mind
wander down to the end of your arms
both hands stand there just looking
like muscled branches
hanging in the dank dark
pull tabs at attention
retaining some semblance
in the cooling wake 
of morning flatulence

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