Monday, October 07, 2013

Writing sentences (The poem "Written convictions" run through Google Translate multiple times in various languages.)

just try to keep it
try to continue 
to do better
points on the Earth's surface

Exhausted emotion 

breaths a sigh of relief
commander of the flotilla
each wireless voice
rivers and challenges
old tug barely felt

Music is visible around us

sail through smelling good
Remember tuberose?
Remember to drink slowly
enjoy it
it doesn't seem very bright

TR 808, 909,

Hell, 707 if necessary,
your robot funk
Alfonso Ribeiro's groundbreaking proposal
run caricatures

We are always planning

But everything changes
Unpredictable and sudden
Rolling waves of comfort and evil

And remember:

if you ever feel the need for truth
the sun and the rebel branches
a brown guitar lying Chinatown
small crumpled paper bag


If you think you cut the tree
do not just text me
place = all guesses
don't you know?

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