Sunday, October 06, 2013

Written convictions

sigh just keep trying
try keeping to do it better
to render more grace while lying
knitted to the ground

sighing is just emotional exhaust
said the peg-legged sea captain
with the affected radio voice
the old tug barely holding on
the river unwilling and bucking

the music forms invisibly around us
the candles a pleasing scent
reminiscent of tuberose
remember to drink your drink slowly
to sip it
don't seem too eager

TR 808 909
hell 707 if need be
bring out that special robot funk
Alfonso Ribeiro Breaking Board
running between cartoons

We're always making plans
but then everything changes
unpredictable and suddenly
roll with it roll with the uncomfortable tide

and remember if you're ever feeling lowdown
in fractious sunshine banded with branches
sit down stay down chinatown brown guitar
solo in a tiny crumpled paper bag

if you ever feel like a cutback tree
don't just text me come here
snail mail is for later
all that guesswork
don't you know by now?

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