Saturday, November 02, 2013

Working on Eddy

We live in an age of 
new fluffier mustaches
on the noses of cars
the snoods of vans

really really powerful junkies
run Japanese sushi chefs
societal tastemakers
with razor blade grinds

cut out for a life of full-time
favorable snatches of syllabant S's
reflavors the dark dark wine
in lieu of sunglasses

flaming sockets opening to the right
a terracotta room
doorways in a sunlit memory
buses come and go

with a beep and a squirt of escaping air
squee of faulty brakes and the clatch
of stiff accordion doors
the sheen of your iridescent tights leaves

a poor soul meditating on the 
advantages of sight
and the nearby sound of both 
molten and cold forged laughter

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