Tuesday, January 28, 2014

La Virgen de No Recordar

the terrain is so familiar particularly in the near unconscious state you find yourself in now who knows how many hours since your last stop or a drop of water quenching with a scream which runs through your entire muscular system like a full body patch of shade stumbled into like a nearsighted mirage up close all over you sudden like a panther hard to remember that time now conditions shifted to such a more extreme magnitude magnified to a scale familiar in the abstract only previously suddenly currently a painlessly burning reality mechanically lifting each foot and barely remembering to try to maintain balance to stay upright to try to remember that inherently humans have one leg slightly longer only slightly shorter than the length of an exhausted breath exhaled partially through your nose mouth and eyes if your senses can be trusted and let's face it at this point who are you even talking to right now are you in a shower or is that just the weight of the sun on your scalp your back the backs of your legs one only slightly longer the other only slightly shorter than the other that can lead to walking in long long long loping circles hypnotically drifting like the most graceful trapeze artist swinging endlessly from one perfectly lit silk-wrapped bar to another and who can even remember where it was that you were hoping to arrive earlier when you were departing originally your cracked lips moving but only your last motivations escaping

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