Friday, November 14, 2014


I kinda wanna fuck both of you
right here on the sidewalk
right here in the wet spot
right now with our hands wet
right here with our pants hot

what's up with the hot shit?
what happened to the laugh track?
right there in the blood clot
slipped right through your mail slot

I kinda wanna fuck both of you
fast-forward to our cumshots
you'll wonder where the time went
feet dancin' to bebop

at the 5 Spot The Black Kat
The Magic Room The Cracker Jack
The Rickshaw The Flip-Flop

I kinda wanna fuck both of you
right there where your folks slept
right there where their minds went

collude with your ranch hands
smash down your weekends
lay flat your pop stands
get deep into mind scans
traverse all your lifespans
crouch low into handstands

I kinda wanna fuck all of you
right now while the moon wanes
while our love flames
while the lowdown strung up
truth still hangs
feet twitching over

last ditch piss stains
I wanna make it
with all of you
while it still matters

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