Friday, November 14, 2014


for Jennifer Brown
What are we all doing here?
other than nothing

Ian What's-his-name 
barely singing the lyrics
technical bursts 
of metal growling sounds
right in front of Joan Rivers
she's modeling the height of 80s 
plastic surgery technology
the TV is a trap 
designed to be a trap
his Da calls to wish 
a happy birthday
the band hiding their faces 
behind greasy styled hair
kinda puffy, but definitely 
supposed to look dirty
doing the Vinnie Barbarino 
in the background
hired guns 
L.A. guns on a set in L.A.
draping all over the gray couch
like vines wrapped 
in shiny black leather
(digital farts 
coming from 
actual butts!)
that rescanned TV buzz
so distracting in 
the near-silent nowadays
(the same way 
is a contraction of 
"Christ's testicles", 
the fan makes clean white noise
drab cocoa carpet
unfortunate stain color
honky tonkin' 
on a Sunday afternoon
hiding in a shaded room
is it sad that no man 
wears a sash?
papers just some 

business papers
forget about the Creedence

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